• Session Drummer

    Extensive international touring experience in a variety of settings.


    Performed for 1000s of people at Lowlands (NL), Summer Sonic (JP), La Gaîté Lyrique (FR) and on tours in Asia, Europe, North America and once in Africa.


    Shows in Tokyo, London, Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Vancouver, Réunion, Jakarta, NYC, Osaka, SF, Kaohsiung, Portland, Taipei, LA.

  • Playlist

    Creative collabs with Pharrell Williams, @verbal_ambush, Junkie XL, Télépopmusik, Mademoiselle Yulia, Go Chic...

  • Music

    Some tracks from artists I've performed with while touring as a session drummer.


  • Japan Tour

    Played session drums with Mademoiselle Yulia and @verbal_ambush for shows in Tokyo and Osaka.

  • Album: AN ADONIS, by "F!"

    Won a record contract in a battle of the bands in Philadelphia.

  • world tour

    Co-produced the visual effects in this video and played session drums with Go Chic for shows in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Jakarta and Réunion Island.

  • Recording session in paris

    Recorded drums for a series of tracks with Télépopmusik in their Paris studio.

  • Live show in nishiazabu, tokyo

    Live show at SuperDeluxe, with Samm Bennett, percussion; Dan Cosley, guitar; Ryan Mizuno, trumpet; Ken Shin, guitar; Elliott Hasiuk, Drums.

  • Studio session with eiko

    Organized some studio sessions to plan live shows for this track. The group disbanded during the Great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.

  • Taipei Debut

    Performance at Formoz Festival, Taipei.

  • Africa tour

    Live show in Réunion Island at Kaloo Bang Festival.

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